I’m Harleen – a Bhangra-dancing, meringue-making and frequently procrastinating student from Southampton. Blogging seemed  like a natural progression from my daily activities of trawling through obscure corners of the Internet and ranting to friends about every unjust thing that appears on my Facebook news feed… and while I am by no means an expert on anything, I have a fair few opinions on many things. Here, you can expect everything from arbitrary musings on student-life to vegetarian recipes that suit the mid-week rush. So as I embark on my shiny new blog, I hope that anything I share with you will provoke some thought (or at the very least, not bore you to sleep).

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Harveen
    I am Tara’s mum and doing a PhD on South-Asian girl identity- how great is this blog! I will reference you in my conclusions chapter. I would love to chat to you at some point, and will read this over a cuppa now. Tara mentioned you to me this pm.

      • Hi Harleen. Not entirely sure how I managed to stumble upon your blog, but it rocks. I know a load of people who would find it very relatable, so I was wondering if you were still active? (Loads to say RE remaining in/leaving the EU right now, as well as all the US Hilary Vs Trump civil war in a post-Orlando-massacre world). Would be good to read more of your opinions; I’ve been meaning to a) find interesting blogs to subscribe to and b) start my own for years, but, procrastination is the killer of creativity and productivity, as we all know so well..

        Anyway, I’ve sent a link from this blog site to a few friends: they were suitably impressed and very much empathised and related to your views and/or position. Please keep it up! Your audience could grow hugely: let’s say “it’s time for some aggressive expansion” (that is also a Chris Nolan film quote for you to enjoy tracking down…)

        Good luck and best wishes!

      • Hi Govindpal,

        I do have a few more posts in the pipeline but a lack of time, in general, is interfering somewhat with writing. This is a lovely bit of motivation to get the ball rolling again however, so thank you very much. I also happen to have opinions on all of those (will definitely be voting “Remain” tomorrow!). And please drop me a message if you ever decide to start your own Blog, I’ll be your first reader.


        PS I just had a flashback to when someone commented, calling me “a dipshit privileged western girl trying to cure the savages of their primitive ways”. I don’t write for compliments but it’s certainly nice to hear that some of my views resonate well with my “readers” (!)

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